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“Go Dr. Pye! - I found myself rooting for her all the way through. She is a success story because of her resiliency and inner strength. I am going to use her story with my students.”

- Kelly U Frankenfield

“Although Dr. Pye may have had sufficient justification to fall into the role of helpless victim, she instead leveraged her seemingly-hopeless situation into an opportunity for personal growth and chose to cultivate prospects for a brighter tomorrow.”

- Malaika

“Powerful Memoir - Offering a candid commentary on social justice challenges of the 21st Century –

“Dr. Pye's book dissects the complexities that emerge at the intersections of race and poverty. She candidly shares her personal experience of emerging from the limitations of her geography to a world of infinite possibilities.”

- Dr. Artika Tyner

“An Inspiring Tale - I appreciated Dr. Pye discussing her challenges with her educational endeavors and her determination to succeed. All prospective African American doctoral students should read this book.”

- Kaywhydee

“She is a role model for them as well as all the young men and women who she comes in contact with through her many community activities.”

- Michael G. Walter

"A must read! - Dr. Pye offers a map, if you will, of how one can begin from ANY place and with strength, guidance and a dream, go where you want to go. Her story helps anyone reading it to know that, as the old folks used to say: "It's not where you start that is important, it's where you finish'

- Ea Porter

“Great book - I recently finished reading your book and I wanted to thank you for writing it.”

- Lola J

“Inspiring – Considering the background, many would have made excuses and give up their dreams. She proved that there are no excuses and only choices. …This book is a must read.”

- John T Beleford II

“You can be whatever you chose to be - “She is letting young people know you do have a choice in life and what you do with your choices.”

- Serenity1

Dr. Pye’s memoir is empowering and demonstrates that there is light at the end of the tunnel for those who face struggles in life. Dr. Pye’s story demonstrates strength and Faith. As a Hispanic American labeled as “at-risk” my whole life, from “El barrio” (the ghetto) attempting to grow in my role in corporate America, can be a difficult transition. The book lit a fire in me to continue to strive for greatness and that success can be achieved despite what it may look like. As I was reading I was reminded of a quote by an artist that I listened to growing up in the South Bronx: “I know it seems hard sometimes but remember one thing. Through every dark night, there's a bright day after that” (Tupac Shakur). - M. Pena, S. Carolina

* Full reviews can be read on Amazon and Xlibris websites.

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