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Learners Being Brave.

Professional Development

Dream Big Institute has a Focus on Development of Learning Professionals 

Although dreaming big can be life altering, realizing those dreams sometimes are built by little successes atop of little successes. The ASSET-BASED approach to teaching and learning used here focuses on the desires of the learners. Identification of the current of state of being (personally, academically, or professionally) and strategizing how to get to the desired state is the goal. In other words, instead of a deficit-based perspective that assumes something is wrong with you or you are broken, you are asked to consider: what does success in a certain area look like for you? After goals are set then objectives are put in place to help meet those goals. This is done usually in group settings ranging from small (6) to large (50) in size. Custom sessions can range from 1 to 4 hours.


Assets-Based Instructional Strategies

Capitalize on students’ and teachers’ strengths

Examine multiple ways to help learners:

  • Imagine
  • Define Success
  • Set Goal
  • Prioritize
  • Strategize

Culturally Responsive & Relevant Instructional Strategies

  • Relate to Students
  • Honor Culture
  • Celebrate Uniqueness
  • Is Emancipatory

Systematic Instructional Design

  • Strengths and Assets
  • Needs Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Analysis
  • Determining Appropriate Assessments
  • Feedback
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