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" Hi Dr. Pye,

Thanks much for the presentation, I think the topic was timely for my students -:).

— Alex Y. Brooklyn Center, MN

"Without your support and cooperation, I would not be able to pass my oral defense."

- Enaya S. Minneapolis, MN

"Dr. Pye,

Thank you so much for your help. I truly enjoyed the conversations from yesterday. The 2 hours seemed to fly by. This subject is so deep and there are so many things to think about when approaching a topic of this nature. I will go over your notes and use them to help me make the corrections. It still does not seem real. You were great instructors from which I learned a lot you have opened my eyes wide to the world of becoming a doctor and the responsibilities that go along with the title. My biggest disappointment of this being over is knowing I will not have the regular wonderful conversations with all of you. I never felt that going to classes was something to dread. I looked forward to those times."

Thank you again,

- Nancy R. Galesville, WI

“I am truly blessed to have a best friend that has such a vast array of knowledge in many different subjects. Thinking over all of the conversations we have had and the information I have learned from you is indescribable. Listening to the knowledge you share with others especially my daughter has impacted me greatly. What I love most about you is if you are presented with a question and by chance you don’t know the answer never do you pretend too. However, it doesn't take you long to research it and get back to me. Not once in my remembrance have you ever left me waiting for anything I requested. If I was asked to describe you “ the person” it would be a problem solver. Right now I am in the trenches of gathering information about my daughter and funding for her college education. Yvette “the problem solver” with much patience you talked to me for hours making sure I was understanding the information you were relaying to me. Also, only you could put in contact with other individuals who could assist me further at a moment’s notice. Being the wonderful person you are you said to me” if I have the information I will definitely share it.” Based on that I have been giving your contact information to anyone I know that will benefit from what you have to share. I have encounter many of people who, I guess, are scared that if they share anything with you, you may get ahead of them. What a sad affair. Not Yvette! In all the years I have known you, you have never been that kind of person. The adjectives I would use to describe you are: Knowledgeable, patient, outgoing and friendly. And the phrase that suits you best is “you have never met a stranger.”

— Irene W. Chicago, IL

Thank you for sharing with our Graduates during our celebration. We appreciate your spirit and your time and pray that God will bless you over and above all that you can imagine!


- Bernadette T.

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - St.Paul, MN

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